Kitawa Wemo

Kitawa Wemo works as an Innovations Lead at Amref Health Innovations (AHI) with 7 years of experience in public health and entrepreneurship. 

In her role at Amref Health Innovations, Kitawa started as an accelerator manager for Africa’s first assistive tech accelerator, funded by UKAid, supporting innovators to build, design and scale inclusive innovative solutions. 

Kitawa’s commitment to improving public health outcomes led her to manage the Empower program, where Amref partnered with Roche through satellite “Empower” clinics to identify female community health workers with disabilities to screen for breast and cervical cancer. Currently, she is leading the CRODA funded sustainability program to scale Mobile Vaccination Clinics for NCD intervention in rural communities.

Kitawa’s expertise in public health and innovative solutions has made her a valuable asset to the industry. Her goal is to continue driving innovation and positive change in public health to create a healthier future for all.