Pelonomi Moiloa

Pelonomi has a BEngSc in Biomedical Engineering, BSc Eng in Electrical Engineering and an MSc Biomedical Engineering completed on the JICA scholarship in Japan with a specific focus on deep learning for a neurophysiology application. Pelonomi has been in the data science space for 9 years and spent four of those years as a Data Scientist and use case lead productionalising machine learning solutions in the finance industry. Pelonomi is a mentor for the Jeppe Ruth First Scholarship and Trustee of the Ruth First Jeppe Memorial Trust, she also dedicates her energy to advocating for responsible AI, running and teaching at the Code Kamoso coding academy, and volunteering for the Ungovernable NPC where she is involved in reclaimer work and the organisation of a community garden. She is a carpentry novice and a writer of music in her spare time.